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Day Spa Programmes and Membership

Recoup calm and serenity with The Banjaran’s Day Spa Programmes offering the ultimate relaxation and escape. Designed for day-use basis, choose from six (6) programmes that are short yet effective. Encompassing various treatments from massages and facials to body treatments and relaxation, the day-use basis programmes are designed to address your specific lifestyle needs as well as nurture your whole self. There are also attractive Day Spa Memberships with different durations, giving you easy access and a host of privileges.

To make enquiries, please contact us at   +60 5 210 7777


FROM 9.30AM TO 6.30PM

The Banjaran's Day Pass programme is the ultimate ticket to revitalise your body and mind. Enjoy the use of our unique characteristic features while soaking in nature's breathtaking view.



  • Usage of the characteristic features around the retreat which includes the Geothermal Hot Springs Dipping Pools, Thermal Steam Cave , Ice Bath, Meditation Cave, Crystal Cave, Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pool, Fitness Centre and Freeform Swimming Pool.
  • Individual locker
  • Bathrobe, towels and shower facilities

Note: Please bring along your own swimming wear

Advanced booking is required and is subject to availability. For enquiries and reservation, please contact us at   +60 5 210 7777.