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Where is The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat Situated?
The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is located in Tambun in Malaysia’s northern state of Perak. It is just 15 minutes from the city of Ipoh, 1.5 hours from Penang and 2 hours from the capital of Kuala Lumpur by road.

What is the weather and climate like in The Banjaran?

Are children allowed at The Banjaran?

How do I get to The Banjaran?

Is it possible to dine at Pomelo or enjoy drinks at Jeff's Cellar if you are not an in-house guest of The Banjaran?

Is there any Wi-Fi available at the retreat and how wide is the coverage?

Is the level of signal strength for mobiles affected when at the retreat?

What is the retreat's Cancellation Policy?

If I am an in-house guest, can visitors come over to visit?

What should I pack for the overall trip to The Banjaran?

What currency is used in the area and what forms of payment are acceptable?

What is the tipping policy in Malaysia?

Do I need a visa to get there?

What is the smoking and alcohol policy at The Banjaran?

Is it possible to have a look at The Banjaran if you are not a guest of the retreat?