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Reward and pamper your hands and feet with our luxuriously relaxing manicure and pedicure. Foot reflexology, on the other hand, is a form of therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years in places like India, China and Egypt, and is based on the premise that areas on the foot correspond to the state of specific areas of the body.

Duration: 60min
The ideal treatment for rejuvenating arms and hands, enjoy a remineralising hand soak, hand and arm exfoliation, hydrating mask and a sumptuous moisturising hand massage. Complete beautiful hands with a full manicure and application of OPI nail polish or buffing.Note: Available for those below 18 years old.

Duration: 60min
A revitalising treatment for tired legs and feet. Enjoy a remineralising foot soak, exfoliation and hydrating mask and a moisturising foot massage. Complete restored feet with a full pedicure and application of OPI nail polish or buffing.
Note: Available for those below 18 years old.

Duration: 60min
Foot Reflexology promotes balance by applying pressure on key points on the soles of the feet and opening the body's meridians. The treatment relaxes, eases stress and tension, improves circulation and helps release toxins.


Duration: 30min 

Soften and smooth out dry feet. A carefully selected combination of

restorative oils deeply nourishes rough, dry feet to leave them feeling soft,

smooth and comfortable. A scrub of ground olive pits exfoliates dead skin

cells and prepares the skin for the treatment. A hydrating rose gel is applied

and the feet are wrapped to allow deep penetration of the oils. Layers of oils

and creams are then massaged into the skin to deeply nourish the feet,

leaving the feet feeling soft, smooth and relaxed. Hydrates dry feet.


Duration: 30min 

Transform tired, neglected feet with this soothing and rejuvenating treatment.

Your treatment begins with gentle brushing to feet and lower legs before

being immersed in warm aromatic water. An invigorating exfoliation

smoothes the skin to prepare them for a rich application of vitamin E oil,

almond oil and calendula mask to soothe and condition. Special attention is

given to cuticles, sore and cracked heels. Skin is then treated to enriching

layers of exotic serum, oil and moisturising butter. Moisturises and softens

the skin of feet.


Duration: 30min 

An indulgent yet deeply restorative treatment for dry hands. Begin with

exfoliation to smoothen and prepare skin for a rich application of vitamin E

oil, and a marshmallow and calendula mask to soothe and condition. Relax

while your hands and lower arms are wrapped. They are then treated to

enriching layers of exotic serum, oil and velvety butter to hydrate, nourish

and protect. For healthy, silky soft hands that are irresistible to touch.


Duration: 30min 

Refresh and brighten your eyes with this revitalising eye treatment, the

perfect addition to any facial. This treatment uses specialised massage

techniques to improve micro-circulation and drainage, helping reduce

puffiness and herbal extracts to delicately firm the skin while working on dark

circles and fine lines. Gentle shoulder release techniques and a scalp

massage free the circulation and improve blood supply to the eyes. Feel

rejuvenated with eyes looking fresh, bright and youthful.